Two years later.

I intended to post this a few days earlier, but got kinda lazy, and real life got in the way… Well at the very least we’re not into February yet, so here’s a quick writeup!

Year Two!

So, it’s this blog’s second birthday! What started as a silly 2017 resolution …is still a mediocre blog of little importance to the general well-being of the planet and its inhabitants ^^

During 2018, this small corner of the internet continued to provide a creative outlet for me, something I care about nurturing, and that helps push myself forwards.

What happened here, during the past 365 days?

  • A total of 15 posted were created
  • Some of them might be some good, most were mediocre, and some were outright bad
  • It helped me land a new SWE job, in a new industry
  • I got more confident in discussing both code and ideas with the world even though half-baked, and taught me to process others’ feedback
  • I heard from Reddit, HN, and most importantly, people in my real life who read this once in a blue moon

Looking back to the last year’s post…

Here’s some things I wished for in the last year’s post

  • A proper comment section, or at least a “Discuss on Twitter/Send me an e-mail” button.
  • Introduction of “Software in Physics” and “Data Analysis” posts.
  • More of “What I Learned From” style posts.
  • Polishing and refinement of old drafts.
  • Presenting the two side projects I’m working on.

As you can see, almost none of these happened. Side projects get scrapped for new ones, old drafts are rightly in the trash bin, and time is still tight. So in what way do I wish to set the bar for next year?

  • I will find a better way to “Send me an email/DM on Twitter about this post”
  • If the posts number grows, I will have a “Best Of/Recent” page, or (finally) implement listing by tags
  • I will try to dive down some subjects I like, instead of the peripheral, sporadic learning I’ve been accustomed to.
  • I will either publish a small game, or a small ‘book’-like thingy.

What’s not coming?

  • I didn’t add any kind of ‘analytics’ (and I’m not going to as well) The only feedback I’ve gotten was from a couple of times where I posted my stuff on Reddit and HackerNews, and seeing the traffic and stars to my Github projects
  • I didn’t add any kind of commenting functionality
    These things take time, responsibility, and/or require you to trust third parties. In case someone wants to discuss, my contact info is here, so feel free to reach out <3
  • I thought on migrating to Hugo, since I’ve been working with Go
    but I love Jekyll, and have many ideas on how to spend my free time instead of this.

I want this to feel like the internet of the early 2000, where you went to places, and not to the mall..
Thank y’all for taking a moment of your time to be here, instead of “a mall”.

See you around

Written on January 29, 2019