That little spark; or I'm on Google's 'featured snippets'!

In a week that was mostly 🤮 (hey can I render emoji here‽), I noticed that this little blog is now a ‘featured snippet’ on Google’s search result! (or at least was for a time, future readers)

I digging information for another “Go internals” post and was checking if any new sources have popped up; I was presented with this screen.

This, let’s be honest, absolutely insignificant thing was the week’s ‘spark’ for me; a small positive thought, feedback, or factoid that put me right back on track.

So, a personal reminder, next time I’m feeling disillusioned, I’ll try to look around for that ‘spark’; to reminisce of past achievements, remember why I love coding and technology, help other people, or just disconnect and take a long walk in a nearby grove. Also, don’t miss the chance to be that ‘spark for other people. You’ll both be glad for it.

I’m off to play around with Nix, see you soon!

Written on April 10, 2021