On blogpost dates

Since I started this blog, all entries were marked with their creation date on the very bottom.

From now on, that date will no longer be precise; it will rather be around when the idea popped up in my mind or the day when I got my first draft in. The dates will be used for the ordering of the posts, and if someone needs it they can look into the blog repo commit history.

I realized that this was holding me back from the goal of writing more; I’d rather post drafts after a couple of days’ worth of iteration and then polish them on the blog itself, instead of wrestling with dates and renaming files.

When Protobuf v2 came out, I sat down to write a few words with some examples of the new features. When a week or two passed by, I held off from publishing it, discouraged since it was no longer ‘fresh’, no longer the first post in that niche. Similarly, I’ve got drafts that have been sitting in the freezer for months, or posts that need some freshening. I’d rather not have to deal with renaming files and triple-checking a date, but try to use the small time I’ve allocated to writing in a better way.

If there’s a post where time is of greater importance, it will contain a disclaimer or a timeline on the top of the page.

Sorry in advance that this post didn’t have more substance, I’ll try harder to hit my 52-posts-in-a-year goal and provide some more fun and interesting content.

Until next time!

Written on October 22, 2020