New job, new goals

When 2018 came along, I re-stumbled upon this quote by Jeff Atwood.

One of my philosophies is to always pick the choice that scares you a little. The status quo, the path of least resistance, the everyday routine — that stuff is easy. Anyone can do that. But the right decisions, the decisions that challenge you, the ones that push you to evolve and grow and learn, are always a little scary.

Then, in late February, I encountered an opportunity, to make such a choice, and grabbed it by the forelock. I am really excited for that change, and I wanted to share the news!

As of early March, I am proud to be a part of the awesome Sigmia team in a Software Engineer capacity.

As I’m going through the Onboarding process, I’ve noticed a couple of things.

First off, stepping in such a drastically different enironment, in fact a whole different industry, I felt a breath of fresh air. So many new, shiny things to explore, knowledge to gain, questions to ask!
Secondly, I’m eager to get my hands dirty with as much stuff as possible, and try to identify and solve problems. I’m lucky that there’s a supportive environment that encouarges to use the newcomer’s perspective, in order to innovate, and a Team Lead that says “Question Everything and Anything”..!

I plan to consciously work on keeping this fresh perspective for as long as possible, before routine settles in.

I would like to thank both the people that helped me get to where I am now, as well as the welcoming Sigmia team.

Let’s do this!

Written on April 6, 2018