Five years later.

Year Five!

Looking back at 2021…. I’d describe a large part of it as “kind of the lamest attempts at a soft-post-apocalyptic environment that a 15-year old would write as their first self-published novel”?

Jokes aside, it still was a pretty rough year for most people, and once again, I’m thankful it’s been kind to people around me, I don’t take it for granted.

On a work-related note, 2021 started off on a great note, then I got into and out of a burnout patch, switched jobs reclaiming my love for programming in the process, did a little open-source development, and finally got other hobbies outside of well, more programming, videogames and staring at screens. Who knew that keeping yourself of screens and opening your mind to new experiences would boost happiness and productivity!?

What happened here, during the past 365 days?

  • A grand total of 11 posts were created (less than 1/3 of last year’s count)
  • I’m quite proud for some of then like the len() post, the mental poker post and the time.Now() post
  • Some were just average or pretty shitty
  • I took a 6-month break (didn’t realize it was that long)

What’s sad is that last time out I wrote

the act of writing is slowly turning from something I dreaded, to a creative, fun outlet. […] I wouldn’t believe that writing could be so enjoyable, but here we are!

aaaand I completely lost that viewpoint as I went through a rut. Now that I’m on the other side of it, getting in touch with new ideas, projects and concepts, I really hope I can get back to that groove.

Looking back to last year’s summary…

Last year’s goals….. ended up way off the mark. I won’t be a downer here and start a small rant, but here’s to better things!

Goals for 2022..?

You know what? I’ll leave technical goals off for this post. I still haven’t changed my mind about them, I love Go, Distributed Systems, want to grow as a SWE and be a ‘creator’. So I’ll put out some non-technical ones:

  • Become a better, kinder person
  • Become a better communicator
  • Attain the skills required to help a community grow
  • Try and think about systems, teams and processes from a more holistic, mature viewpoint

Parting words

If you’ve dropped by, thanks for spending some time on my little personal corner of the internet. I really appreciate it, hope you find something useful for you here!

Have a great 2022, and hey, maybe we all get to meet in person! (doesn’t hurt to be optimistic! \o/)

See you around,

Written on January 29, 2022