Revamping this blog

There were no new posts this week; I’ve been taking advantage of Pluralsight’s free courses, and also doing some first steps to revamp this blog. I’ve recently come across many superb blogs, and would like to help mine reach a new level!

I’m still contemplating moving to another domain, but for now, I just introduced some new pages you can find at the top.

  • The Open-Source page lists some of my open-source contributions. I was especially proud to get a small change accepted into the Go language, and I hope to keep this momentum throughout 2020
  • The Reading page contains every book and paper I’ve read since early 2019, along with small comments
  • The Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers, is a public priority list, which will hopefully help me stay the course and maintain consistency

As a second step, I want to practice by editing some older posts and maybe delete some superficial ones.

Until next time!

Written on April 10, 2020