Hey! I’m Paschalis a Software Engineer from Greece.

I’m a Physics graduate, with experience in various roles, in both academia and the industry.
I have experimented with a wide array of modern and not-so-modern technologies, am a vi person, prefer to work with Python and Go, and generally try to adhere to the KISS principle. most problems can be easily solved using grep/sed/awk/pipes, cmv

More Information

If you want to find out more, there’s a short version of my CV right here, or just …

Contact me!

This blog doesn’t feature any commenting system, so feel free to reach out on twitter, or using the following email address
paschalist0 at gmail


I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting things, but here are some weekend projects I’ve worked on, outside of my main job.

  • sunlight.live is a real-time visual map of sunlight on earth.
  • geohash.world is an API to encode and decode coordinates using the Geohash geocode system.
  • daffodil is a distributed ID generator à la snowflake.
  • goof is the easiest way to send and receive files over a network.
  • tweetstream.space allows indexing tweets in specific timeframes.
  • go-tinyraytracer is a ray tracer in Go.
    It was surprisingly easy and a lot of fun, that’s why I also coded a ray-marcher and also building a renderer in Go. Check out all of ssloy’s work if you’re interested in this kind of stuff, no previous knowledge needed. <!– * shell-utils is an embarassingly small collection of shell scripts that provide day-to-day quality of life, that I’m planning to extend a lot.
  • bashercises.co is a dead simple Markdown/Jenkins/Hugo/S3 project. Last year I’ve been working with shell scripting a lot, and I’m planning to distill all my notes into complete cheatsheets and provide exercises to beginners, so they can master the console way of doing things.–>
  • (to be filled out with more stuff as they’re polished).